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Kinco GT070HE 7" IoT Series Widescreen HMI Touch Panel with Ethernet
The GT070HE is the IoT variant of the GL070E and a modern, versatile and very cost-effective HMI touch panel with 7'' screen diagonal and a resolution of 1024 * 600 pixels from Kinco with Ethernet interface. It has an integrated VPN remote maintenance and remote download function and automatically connects to a remote maintenance server in a network. It connects to a router via Ethernet.The resolution is higher than the GL070E and the same as the 10" HMI GT100E. This means that projects from the 7" device can also be transferred directly to the 10" device.. The HMI is programmed via the free software Kinco DTools. You can find this further down on this page as a download. The software is available in German language.  You can connect PLCs, frequency converters and other devices that you want to visualize or control via Ethernet and serial interface. The touch panel offers you a versatile range of functions and simple graphical configuration of PLC communication. The touch panel is ideal for machine controls or smaller plant control elements.  The device supports communication with over 60 different PLC models, including Siemens S7-200, S7-1200/1500, S7-300/400, LOGO!, Modbus RTU/TCP (Master and Slave), Allen Bradley, Thinget, Mitsubishi FX, Beckhoff ADS, BACnet and many others.  Features (excerpt): Various graphic elements for display and operation. Animations Individual graphic elements and images possible. Extensive data logging Recipe management VNC server and client for remote control (e.g. from smartphone or browser) PDF display on the HMI (new) User management and security Alarms and events Individual language switching for users programmable via text tables. C macros for complex calculations Program and recipe download via USB, USB stick or Ethernet FTP server for retrieving CSVs and log files XY graphs with up to 64 characteristics possible, histograms. Generation and display of QR codes Scheduler for calendar controlled functions. ... Note for new customers: You can test this device 30 days without obligation. This device is of course also available for existing customers to order normally at the price shown.This is how the test works for new customers: the first time you order this device, we offer you a 30-day return policy.  Within 30 days, you can return this device to us as a first-time buyer. You will pay the invoice only after the trial period is over, if you have decided to use the device. To do so, order this device normally, we will automatically ship initial orders as a trial device. If you have any technical questions during the trial, feel free to write to us at support@spstiger.de. Kinco HMI are now in use at well over 100 of our customers in Germany.We are convinced that Kinco's HMI touch panels also open up a particularly cost-effective way for you as an automation or machine and plant manufacturer to provide your customers with modern and versatile operator interfaces..  
From €142.14*
Xinje XL5E-32PT4 PLC with 32 I/O (expandable) and Ethernet
Full-featured, fast expandable and very compact PLC from XINJE at a tiger price with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Versatile feature set for simple control, positioning and regulation tasks. Ideally suited for simple machines, devices and plant controls, also where fast PLC cycles are needed. The PLC is programmed in ladder diagram (LD) or instruction list (IL).
Kinco frequency converter FV20-4T-0015G (1.5 kW) three-phase 400 VAC
Very powerful frequency inverter three-phase 400 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz in the variant 1.5 kW with many comfort functions for controlling drives.Single-phase refers to the mains voltage, the motor connection is three-phase. The frequency inverter offers very many comfort functions for this price range, especially vector control without encoder and optionally vector control with encoder (with correspondingly retrofitted card for speed feedback) as well as integrated filter and braking unit.   V/F control, vector control Very easy wiring due to screw terminals on the front. Suitable for MODBUS via RS-485
inductive proximity switch Lanbao - diameter M30x1 - switching distance 10 mm
Schalttyp: Annäherung schließt Kontakt (Schließer, NO)
Inductive proximity switches respond to the approach of a conductive object (e.g. metal) with a signal.

New products

Transcend JetFlash 740K Rugged 8 GB USB-Stick für Industrieumgebungen
Der Transcend JetFlash 740K ist ein USB-Speicher für besonders anspruchsvolle Industrieumgebungen. Der Speicher ist besonders ausdauernd und langlebig und eignet sich hervorragend für langfristige Data Logging Anwendungen in Kombination mit unseren HMI. Hochwertiger MLC NAND-Flash und SLC-Modus (auch SuperMLC genannt) für außergewöhnliche Ausdauer und ZuverlässigkeitHot-Swapping für einfaches Plug-and-PlayDurchschittliche Zeit zwischen zwei Ausfällen (MTBF) 3.000.000 Stunde(n)TeraBytes Written bis zu 150 TBW Optimiert für industrielle Anwendungen: SLC Modus für sehr schnelle Schreibvorgänge für Data Logging mit hoher zeitlicher AuflösungWear Leveling für verlängerte Lebensdauer des SpeichersModerne Garbage Collection für SpeicheroptimierungBad Block Management um Datenverlust vorzubeugenTechnologien zur Reduzierung der Read Disturbance um Datenverlust vorzubeugen 
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 3-5 Tage
  • Product Benefits 1: Hohe Schreibraten
  • Product Benefits 2: Lange Lebensdauer
  • Product Benefits 3: Hohe Zuverlässigkeit
Serielles Verbindungskabel (RS-485) für Kinco CV20-Frequenzumrichter - offene Enden
Dieses serielle Verbindungskabel ermöglicht die Kommunikation der CV20-Frequenzumrichter von Kinco über Modbus RTU in einem seriellen RS-485-Bus.Über spezielle Modbusbefehle können die Frequenzumrichter gestartet und gestoppt werden, die Richtung umgedreht werden und die Frequenz vorgegeben werden.
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 2-5 days
  • Product Benefits 1: CV20 über RS-485 verbinden
  • Product Benefits 2: über Modbus RTU ansteuern
Serielles Verbindungskabel (RS-485) für Kinco CV20-Frequenzumrichter und Kinco HMI
Dieses serielle Verbindungskabel ermöglicht die Kommunikation der Kinco HMI mit den CV20-Frequenzumrichtern von Kinco.Über das HMI können die Frequenzumrichter mit diesem Kabel parametriert und angesteuert werden.Über spezielle Modbusbefehle können die Frequenzumrichter gestartet und gestoppt werden, die Richtung umgedreht werden und die Frequenz vorgegeben werden.
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 2-5 days
  • Product Benefits 1: CV20 und HMI verbinden
  • Product Benefits 2: über HMI parametrieren
  • Product Benefits 3: über HMI ansteuern
Erweiterungskabel für Kinco MK-Serie - mit 2 x RS-485-Buchse
Mit diesem Erweiterungskabel können die Geräte der MK-Serie von Kinco, einem Kombinationsgerät aus HMI und SPS mit den Erweiterungen verbunden werden. Die Erweiterungen er Kinco KS-SPS-Serie können so einfach auch mit der MK-Serie genutzt werden. Intern sind MK-SPS und Erweiterung über ein CAN-Protokoll miteinander verbunden, dieses muss aber nicht programmiert werden, es reicht die Erweiterungen in der Hardware-Konfiguration der SPS in Kinco Builder zu konfigurieren.An der letzten Erweiterung sollte über die DIP-Schalter der Endwiderstand aktiviert werden.Das Erweiterungskabel ist hochwertig mit Metallstecker auf HMI-SPS-Seite. Zusätzlich sind die beiden RS-485-Schnittstellen der MK-SPS über einen Stecker mit Schraubkontakten ausgeführt. Damit können weitere Modbus-Geräte oder serielle Geräte mit der MK-SPS verbunden werden.Dieses Kabel ist ein Service-Produkt zur leichteren Verbindung. Sie können auch problemlos ein eigenes Kabel für die Erweiterung konfektionieren. Die richtige PIN-Belegung finden Sie in den Produktfotos.
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 2-5 days
Kinco 10" Widescreen HMI Touch Panel F10
Modern and versatile and very cost effective HMI touch panel with 10'' screen diagonal and a resolution of 1,280 * 800 pixels from Kinco. The touch panel offers you a versatile range of functions and simple graphical configuration of PLC communication. The touch panel is ideal for machine controls or smaller plant control elements.
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 2-5 days
  • Product Benefits 1: VESA-Montage
  • Product Benefits 2: Modbus RTU
  • Product Benefits 3: programmiert mit DTools
  • Product Benefits 4: komplett IP65
  • Product Benefits 5: kein Ethernet
Gemischte Digitalerweiterung Kinco PM523-08DT für K6 SPS
Digitalerweiterung für Kinco K6 SPSTransistorausgänge: max. Strom pro Kanal 0,5 A
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 3-4 weeks
  • Product Benefits 1: 4 x Digitaleingänge (24 VDC PNP)
  • Product Benefits 2: 4 x Digitalausgänge Transistor (PNP)
Digitalausgangserweiterung Relais Kinco PM522-16XR für K6 SPS
Digitalerweiterung für Kinco K6 SPSRelaisausgänge: max. DC30V/AC250V, max. Strom pro Kanal 2 A
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 2-5 days
  • Product Benefits 1: 16 x Digitalausgänge Relais
Kinco stepper motor amplifier FM880 with Ethercat
Stepper motor amplifier from Kinco for precise control of a stepper motor suitable for Ethercat communication. Many additional functions like starting a home position, recalling a stored speed or position can be activated via the digital inputs and set via the free configuration software. The function of the inputs and outputs is freely programmable. 3 inputs are suitable for 5 VDC and thus for control via micro-controllers like the Genuino. The software is available as download. Input voltage: 24 ~ 70VDC Overvoltage turn-on threshold: 85VDC Undervoltage activation threshold: 15VDC Output current: 0.1 to 10A peak current:10 A Operating mode: I/O control; Pulse control: PLS+DIR, CW/CCW, A+B phase Digital inputs: 6 opto-isolated, 3 of them suitable for voltage range 5 - 24VDC Digital outputs: 3 opto-isolated, peak current 100mA Communication: RS232, Ethercat Protection type: Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overheating, Overcurrent, IP20 Suitable for hybrid 2-phase as well as 3-phase stepper motors
  • Available
  • Delivery Time : 3-5 Tage
Online advanced training for Kinco DTools (Teamviewer 90 minutes)
90-minute teamviewer training (live) on advanced features of Kinco DTools. Next date Friday, March 11, 2022 10:00 am to 11:40 am (with break). With this training you will learn how to program the Kinco Green Series HMI with the German software version of Kinco DTools. This training builds on the basic training and shows advanced concepts. Contents of the advanced training: Alarms. Create and display events. RecipesFile system and FTP. Present PDF files Direct and indirect windows. User management and rights. To participate in the training, you can order it directly in the store. You will then receive from us the calendar date with the appropriate link. For the training you only need a PC with Internet connection. Camera or microphone are not needed, you can ask questions via chat. If the date does not fit, but there is interest in the future, please send a short e-mail to service@spstiger.de. We will then inform you as soon as there is a new training date..
  • Available
  • Product Benefits 1: Nächster Termin Freitag, 15.07.2022 10:00 Uhr

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