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Kinco frequency converter FV20-4T-0015G (1.5 kW) three-phase 400 VAC


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Product information "Kinco frequency converter FV20-4T-0015G (1.5 kW) three-phase 400 VAC "

Very powerful frequency inverter three-phase 400 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz in the 1.5 kW variant with many comfort functions for controlling drives.

Single-phase refers to the mains voltage, the motor connection is three-phase.

The frequency inverter offers a lot of comfort functions for this price range, especially vector control without encoder and optionally vector control with encoder (if the speed feedback card is retrofitted accordingly) and brake unit.

V/F control, vector control

very simple wiring by screw terminals on the front side

Suitable for MODBUS via RS-485

Electrical properties
EMC input filter: not integrated
Efficiency: >= 93%
Frequency range: 0 - 300 Hz
Frequency resolution: 0.01 Hz
Input current (rated current): 5 A
Input power (apparent power): 3 KVA
Motor output current (rated current): 3,7 A
Nominal supply voltage: 400 V AC three-phase
Output voltage: 0 V AC to 400 V AC three-phase
Overload capacity: 180% rated current for 10 seconds , 150% rated current for 1 min
Permissible voltage range: 320 - 460 V AC
Rated power: 1.5 kW
Digital I/O
Digital inputs (number & type): 6 (24 V DC) , Function programmable
Digital outputs (number & type): 1 relay (configurable) , 1 transistor (24 VDC)
Pulse inputs (designation and type): 6 x 200 kHz
Pulse outputs (designation and type): 1
Relay outputs (number & type): 1 (configurable)
Analogue I/O
Analog inputs (designation & type): 0 - 10 V , 0 - 20 mA
Analog inputs (number): 1
Analog outputs (designation & type): 0 - 10 V , 0 - 20 mA , 4 - 20 mA
Analog outputs (number): 2
Interfaces, protocols and connections
CANopen: no CANopen
Ethercat: no Ethercat
Ethernet: No Ethernet
Fieldbuses & protocols: Modbus RTU slave
Free serial communication: No
Interfaces: RS - 485
Isolated serial interface: no
Modbus: Modbus RTU slave
Profibus DP: No Profibus
RS-485 connection type: Terminal (A/B)
SD card: none
Serial connections: Port 1: RS-485
Terminal type: Screw terminal
Other properties
Acceleration types: S-curve , linear
Brake: with mechanical motor brake
Control: Buttons on the device , Digital inputs (configurable) , Modbus RTU
Control types: V/f control , Vector control with encoder (optional with additional card) , Vector control without encoder
Frequency setting via: Analog input , Built-in potentiometer , Digital inputs (configurable) , External potentiometer , Modbus RTU
Model series: FV20
Protective functions: Overcurrent protection , Overheating protection , Overload protection , Overvoltage protection , Undervoltage protection
Dimensions and environmental properties
Assembly: Screw mounting
Assembly detail: Wall mounting
Cooling: Fan (active)
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 126 mm x 186 mm x 167 mm
Housing material: Technical plastic
Operating temperature range: - 10 °C to + 40 °C , Lower output in the 40 °C to 50 °C range
Protection class: IP20
Storage temperature range: - 40 °C to + 70 °C
Weight: 2 kg
Autotuning the engine parameters: Yes
Configurable via: Buttons on the device , Kinco Software , Modbus RTU
Language of the programming environment: Chinese , English
Programming software: Kinco Inverter
CE certificate: Yes
Standards and certifications: CE (EN61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011, EN61000-6-2:2005)
Manufacturer "Kinco"
Kinco ist einer der führenden Hersteller für Automatisierungstechnik in Asien. Am Hauptsitz in Shenzhen (China) an der Grenze zu Hongkong ist auch das Forschungs- und Entwicklungsteam des Unternehmens beheimatet, zusätzlich betreibt Kinco ein Forschungszentrum in Deutschland, eine Besonderheit unter chinesischen Unternehmen.
In Bezug auf Qualität und Funktionsumfang orientiert sich Kinco stark am europäischen und deutschen Markt. Kommunikationstreiber für Siemens S7-Steuerungen sind deshalb in jedem HMI enthalten. Das Unternehmen hat ein modernes und zuverlässiges Sortiment an HMI, Antriebstechnik und Steuerungen. Kinco erwirtschaftet bereits mehr als 10% seines Umsatzes international, Deutschland gehört zu den Wachstumsmärkten des Herstellers.
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Kinco FV20
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